What is Uranium

Uranium is one of the many elements found in this world. The Uranium is placed at the 92nd place of the atomic table. This indicates that, there are 92 electrons are there in an Uranium atom. At the same time, there are also 92 protons in the nucleus of the Uranium atom. Out of the 92 electrons of the Uranium, six are present there in the outermost orbit and they form the bond, when a Uranium atom takes part in any chemical reaction. These outermost 6 atoms of Uranium are called as valency electrons.

There are six isotopes of Uranium. Isotopes of an element are the forms of the elements, which has same atomic numbers but different atomic weight. Uranium and all its isotopes are radioactive. Now, one question may arise in your mind and that is, what is a radioactive element. A radioactive element is that element, which loses its weight by the passage of time. Radioactive elements lose its weight through radioactive radiation. If you place the radio active element at a particular place, after measuring its weight and then after again measure the weight after few years, then you will find that, it has lost some weight. A day would come, when you will not find the element at all. Uranium is radio active but mildly radioactive.

The demand for this element is now huge. But why; because it is getting used as an atomic fuel. When a Uranium atom breaks to give rise Uranium atom, the chemical reaction is called as the fission reaction and huge amount of energy releases during the process of fission. The fission reaction of Uranium is an exothermic reaction. Exothermic reactions are those, which releases energy. The energy released at the time of the fission reaction of Uranium is trapped in an atomic reactor and then this energy is finally converted into the usable forms. Uranium is used as the chief fuel in almost all nuclear plants of the world, among the other nuclear fuels.

Uranium is also used to make the atomic bombs. Uranium was used in the two atomic bombs, which devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The fission reaction of Uranium is an self catalytic process. So, this reaction happens in a very short period of time and huge amount of energy releases all of sudden. Uranium is the chief material used in most of the atomic bombs tested and stored in present time. 

From the above discussion, it has become clear that Uranium can be used for two purposes. It can be used in the welfare of the mankind or it can be used to destroy the man kind. However, it should be used for the former cause, instead of the later one.