What Is Varicella

Varicella is commonly called as chickenpox. It mostly affects children. It is also called as childhood disease. The virus that is responsible for varicella is called varicella zoster virus. There is also a vaccination for this disease. Children who get routine vaccination are very less prone to this disease but the children who do not get this vaccination are more prone to varicella or chickenpox. The virus responsible for varicella causes rashes on the skin. Adults are also prone to this. During winters and spring, this virus is more active and in these seasons of the year, more people gets infected with varicella.

Chickenpox or varicella is a contagious disease i.e. it can be transmitted from one to another. So it is very important to use some precautions if someone around you is suffering from varicella. It can be transmitted through the clothing of the infected person, through exhaling the infected droplets. The person with varicella is infected for 1-2 days before developing rashed on his body and after the rashes gets dried, varicella is no more contagious. It takes 10-14 days for the person to get varicella if he gets infected with the same virus from another person. Varicella normally lasts for around 10-14 days of its breakout. It can cause high fever, itching, rashes, dehydration and headache. The rashes can cause much more irritation if you go out in the sun and rashes can also get worse. You should try not to scratch the rashes. It can leave rash marks on the body of the child but now medications have been developed to clear those marks too. Sometimes, the symptoms become very severe and it needs immediate medical attention. A fact about varicella is that if a person gets this disease once, he becomes immune to it for his whole life.

Mostly, it does not cause any serious complications and the treatment is given just to heal the itching, rashes and fever. No other medical treatment is required until something serious happens. If a pregnant woman gets infected with varicella, then it is highly possible that the embryo also gets infected with the same. This can cause serious complications to the fetus like it can damage eyes, spinal cord and other organs of the growing embryo. But the severity of the infection depends on at what stage the pregnant woman got infected with varicella. Prevention through the vaccination is the best way to avoid varicella. In most of the countries, vaccination is scheduled. The vaccine varivax should definitely be given to the children so that they become immune to this disease. There is proper routine for this vaccination depends on the age of the child. Though it is not a dreadful or a serious disease but still it is very irritating. That is why, vaccination should be given to the kids as prevention is always better than cure.