What Is Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is actually a rich oily and lubricating texture that is easily soluble in water. The base component of the oily texture is pure and natural oil. The maximum use of the glycerin is observed in regular cosmetics and different skin care products.

Glycerin, which is also known as glycerol is actually a natural component of oils and fats. When fats get digested in body, it breaks downs in two main elements glycerin and fatty acid. The glycerin that is a by-product of body fat, work as an organic substance of food and it is a non-toxic it leaves no side effects. It can also work as natural supplement of sugar for the diabetic patients, as it tastes sweet as sugar but doesn’t leave the effect of sugar on the patient’s body.

The natural taste of vegetable glycerin is actually sweet and that is why is being used lessen the disagreeable taste of different herbs. At the same time the uses of this special type of oil texture also help in increasing the taste of different dishes that are being prepared with pleasant testing herbs. There are few children who are reluctant to have vegetable dishes as that gobble up other items easily. Now, you can use this glycerin in right proportion to make the food tasty and healthy as well and be sure your child will not refuse it again, once they get the heavenly taste.

Benefits of glycerin-                                                                                                        

There are several benefits of using glycerin:

  • Acne
    People who are suffering from acne can use this vegetable glycerin as it is hypoallergenic in character. Therefore, it helps in curing of acne lesions. Vegetable glycerin has an antibacterial characteristic, which aids in healing and maintaining pores. Specialty of this product is that it doesn’t create any irritation in the skin and not at all inflammatory in nature.
  • Food
    Vegetable glycerin can be used as natural preservative. It has the moistening and sweetening property therefore, it is used as an important ingredient in numerous types of foods. In spite of carbohydrate present in the vegetable glycerin it can be used by the blood sugar patients also.
  • Hair Care
    The moisturizing property of the vegetable glycerin make it beneficial for the skin and hair. Those who have problem of brittle and dry hair they can use hair care product made with vegetable glycerin though direct application will be much beneficial than using the vegetable glycerin’s product. It is also useful for those who have flaky and dry scalp problem.
  • Herbal preparations
    It is also used in the preparations of the herbal products as it is a powerful solvent. As said earlier it can replace alcohol in case of botanical extract.
  • Skin condition
    Those who have eczema problem can use the vegetable glycerin’s product as they are nonirritating and very pure. As said earlier vegetable glycerin has an antibacterial property therefore it is useful in protecting skin from the infection but it is advised not to use it on infected skin, which is oozing or weeping.

As we have seen it has many uses but it is always beneficial to apply it directly rather in form of any cosmetic product which blend with many other chemicals also.