What is Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse does not involve any kind of bruises or broken bones or we can say verbal abuse does not leave any kind of evidences or proof. It is the use of words in disrespectful manner. It takes a long time to heal. It is to blame someone that it is always his/her fault. It can be found in any relation but it is usually seen in married relationships. There is a difference between conflict and a verbal abuse. A conflict is to discuss the reasons when each one of them wants something different and seeking a solution to it. But verbal abuse is when one is trying to control the other. If the other person calls you bitch, idiot or something like this then that is verbal abuse. Name calling is a common form of verbal abuse. There can be other forms too like withholding, discounting, ordering, abusive anger, forgetting, sabotaging and blocking etc. verbal abuse can also be disguised as jokes.

Any verbal abuse comment is called a joke. When the joke is cracked just to insult the other person or to hurt the other person and you feel that you cannot take it then it becomes a part of verbal abuse. Withholding is to withhold information; money or he can refuse to listen to the other. It is a common and a major part of verbal abuse. Discounting is to treat the other person or his/her views like they are worthless and they have no importance. Ordering is to order the other person without giving him/her the respect he/she deserves. Abusive anger involves take the irritation out on the other person, screaming on him/her and raging on him/her. Forgetting is denying the reality.

Sabotaging is to make such comments on the other person which lessen the self confidence of the other person. Blocking is a form of verbal abuse which is to diverting the topic he/she wants to discuss about or not giving attention towards it. Verbal abuse can also include dominating the other person. It can include brainwashing and intimidating the other person. It usually happens secretly. No one comes to know about it as it does not leave any proof. One way to tackle this is to be strong and stand by you. Recognize the verbal abuse and stand against it by gaining control over the other person and making him realize your worth. Stay aware and try to sort out the differences in your relationship with a calm mind and strong heart.

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