What is Vicryl Suture

Suture is a technique of closing the wounds, for closing sides of the wound are stitch together. By closing the wound inside of the wound will remain close and it help in quick recovery by encouraging the edges of the wound to fuse back together. Vicryl is a brand name of a suture material and it is manufactured by Ethicon Inc, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.

A vicryl is an absorbable, synthetic, braided suture. Although the name “vicryl” is a trademark of Ethicon, the term “vicryl” has been used in the main referring to any synthetic absorbable suture made primarily of polyglycolic acid.

There are two types of sutures:-

Non-absorbable sutures:- These are used to close the skin and after the wound is healed they are removed. These sutures are thin, don not abscond any mark on the body and can be removed by patient itself. Non-absorbable sutures can be in the form of synthetic, silk and cotton. Absorbing sutures:- there are some foreign materials mostly enzymes that attack the blood-stream and destroy the stitches. A phagocyte which is carried by blood stream does this type of task. Absorbing sutures are degraded by these enzymes so they are not applied on the surface of the skin. They work better when used on internal surgery where the body can break them down easier. In this the patient must go to doctor to get the stitches taken out.

Threads that are use for closing wounds are highly specialized. Any foreign material should not be wick along with these threads because this can cause infection. Earlier, sutures were made from meticulously cleaned intestines, but modern sutures can be made from plastic synthetics.

Vicryl type sutures have many advantages. They are made of braided material which makes them strong and it becomes uncomplicated for the surgeon to use them in tissues. Antibacterial component in them prevents infection.

Vicryl suture is conked out by our body by the process called hydrolysis. It is a chemical process which helps in breaking the polyglycoloic acid which is the main component of vicryl suture.

In case if the body is not able to absorb suture then it should be replaced by another material because by non-removal infection, discomfort can be felt by patient.

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