What is Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is used as a medium for communication i.e. it makes it possible to have live communication or connection between people sitting in separate locations through video which may also involve audio and text messages as well. Video conferencing also provides great opportunities for educators and businesses to learn interact or share across long distances. Video Conferencing is made possible through both telephone and a video camera. The camera is used to capture video of the person who wants to interact to each other which is often connected to a laptop or desktop and telephone or microphone (mostly built in laptops) to speak and listen to each other.

Video Conferencing helps in improving the productivity of the businesses and also eliminates the cost and time required to travel from one place to another. It has now become a latest trend in uplifting the businesses. Individuals or home user can also be benefited from this as they can share data with each other and transfer information such as photos, documents and other required things. Video Conferencing provides the transmission of static images and text between two locations. It also provides transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations.

There are a number of sectors where Video Conferencing is being regularly used. In Government sector only, it is used in different ways, such as in training employees over long distances, in meetings without even needing to gather at a place. It is also used in security and helps the companies improve their efficiency. One main sector where it has been implemented is the Education sector. It is widely used in Distance education. It enables students to attend classes from any location and also to interact while attending lectures. Many universities and colleges offer programs which are completely based on Video Conferencing. Students and Professors can see each other with the help of video cameras. Some more sectors where Video Conferencing is being used include medical and business fields.

Video Conferencing requires a large amount of data to be sent or receive so the bandwidth has to be as much as higher as possible. The higher will be the bandwidth; more information can be send over internet. This technology is still rapidly changing and people can even do face to face conversations from their cell phones only. As the technology will be improving in the near future, Video conferencing will have a large number of users and will be benefited from this technology.

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