What Is Viral Meningitis

Viral meningitis is a disease caused by virus which affects our membrane that protects our brain and spinal cord. It is a common disease for children and adults of over 40 years don’t have any risk of suffering from it.

Viral meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges, the membrane which covers and protects spinal cord and brain, by virus. This membrane is filled with blood vessels. In this inflammation, infection is caused due to virus and sometimes bacteria acts as an alternative of virus in causing this infection. It is one of the most infectious diseases because it affects the brain which is an important part of our body. Meningitis is generally caused by virus and is quite common disease but when bacteria are the reason of this meningitis then many doctors call it aseptic meningitis. The reason why they call it aseptic is because of the fact that bacteria doesn’t grows in spinal fluid.

If you are eager to know these virus more deeply then you should know that Enteroviruses are the usual cause of this disease. This virus affects human beings only and it transfers from one person to different person by fecal-oral route. You cannot avoid this virus at any cost because this virus lives in human intestine. Viral meningitis generally occurs in infants and children. Children are often affected by it during autumn and summer and this spreads as this virus transfers from the affected child to his friends when they are near him. People of over 40 do not suffer from this disease so they are safe.

If you are wondering whether there are any symptoms of this disease or not then the answer is yes, there are some symptoms of it. Generally when a child gets affected by this disease he starts falling ill frequently, refuses to eat when he is ill and fussiness is also common. Apart from these, he feels sleepier than he usually used to be. Sometimes, rashes also act as a symptom of viral meningitis; rashes develop in whole body or in hands and legs only. Rashes that develop in this disease are different from that of other disease as rashes that grow are red and flat.

Viral meningitis generally lasts for 12-14 days in children as well as in adults. In the mean time, the affected person may feel headache, muscle weakness, tiredness, insomnia, muscle spasms, inability to concentrate and change in behavior may also occur in some cases. If you are thinking about any treatment of this disease then you should know that there is no treatment. Virus that has been the cause of the disease is killed by antibiotics which are created by human immune system. When a person is recovering, he needs quiet and dark surroundings where he can sleep and take rest as bright and noisy environment may irritate him.