What is VTEC

VTEC or the Variable Valve Timing Engine Control is the most efficient and effective feature in the industry of automobiles. Honda was the first company which established and developed the system of VTEC. But now there are many companies who have started manufacturing their own Valve systems like Mitsubishi have developed MIVEC, Toyota has developed VVT-I system, BMW have manufactured and produced their own VANOS system, Nissan have developed NeoVVL system and many more. The main work of all these system is to control the valve timing and lift systems. VTEC was basically planned and designed for increasing the power productivity of the engine to 100 horse powers per liter and more at the same time to maintain the level of practicality which can be used in production of mass vehicles. There were further more some developments and modifications to improve the efficiency of the system.

The VTEC system is a generally a controlled by computer which enables the valve to move which is affixed to the head of the cylinder. The pressures of oil pass through the channels and manage the moving ahead and slowing down the timing which is generally used by the cam. By moving ahead and slowing down the time consumed by the cam, we will be able to refine the timing in the better way at different speed of the engines and so you will get the extra or additional horsepower per liter.

Benefits and advantages of VTEC

Let us now see the various benefits or advantages offered by VTEC system. The advantage which VTEC gives more than a standard system of engine is the adding of the subsequent power curve which is produced by the cam lobes. The distinctive engine which start to drop the power on the top of the rpm series, however a VTEC engine has the second curve of power which is helpful to enhance the capacity to produce the high rpm power. The other advantage of VTEC system is the increase in the fuel economy which decreases the consumption of fuel and increases the power at the time of driving which also thereby enhances the aggressiveness of the cam profile. On the whole, VTEC makes the engine turn around more rapidly after a definite RPM and even though this will not impact unless you have a great quantity of torque. When the RPM increases and is at highest level, then the cam rotate more competently for the reason of a different cam lobe, which is now known as the lift control system.


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