What is Walking Pneumonia

Walking pneumonia is the mildest form of pneumonia known. It is different from the traditional forms of pneumonia in many ways. The causes that cause walking pneumonia to occur are different from that of the traditional pneumonia. Walking pneumonia is not a very dangerous disease. It does not require the patient to be hospitalized. In fact at times the patient does not even realize that he has been suffering from a disease called walking pneumonia.

This pneumonia is also called atypical pneumonia because it is not caused by the general causes and is too mild. In general pneumonia is a disease of the lung that causes lung infection. Walking pneumonia is not a medical term but a common name given to the disease that is caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or any other micro organism.

Walking pneumonia can also be caused due to certain chemicals or inhaled food. It is a case where the person can easily carry on his daily routine work without being affected by the disease. The only visible symptom could be a cold and cough.

Walking pneumonia can happen to anybody from older children, young adults to anybody below the age of forty. It is more common in places such as prisons or child homes where the contact with the micro organisms is more commonly possible. The disease is contagious. It can easily be transferred when the person infected sneezes or coughs. The transfer of the nose droplets makes this possible to transfer.

Walking pneumonia most commonly occurs in the summer and the fall season. Though it is contagious, the spread is very slow. The symptoms of walking pneumonia are also visible after a long time because of this reason. The most common symptoms of walking pneumonia are cold, cough, slight head ache and sore throat. Some people can have respiratory problems as well while certain others can have it accompanied with skin rashes and ear infection.

It does not take too long for walking pneumonia to be cured. But still visiting a doctor is always advised. The prescribed antibiotics should be taken regularly and the course needs to be finished. If these medicines do not work then the condition could be something more serious. The patient needs to take care of his health and consult the doctor again.

Walking pneumonia is the non medical name given to a very mild form of pneumonia which can be caused due to micro organisms. This is a form of lung infection that causes cold and cough. The person suffering from this can easily continue with his work without having to be admitted in the hospital.