What is Wall Street

Wall Street is the financial capital of USA. It is an 8-block street situated in Manhattan. New York Stock Exchange operates from here. Wall Street in 17th century was literally a wall. In 18th century, profiteers and traders used to assemble here informally to trade which later took a formal pattern under the aegis of Buttonwood agreement.

The moment one talks about Wall Street, image of stock market appears automatically in mind. It is the place where fortunes are made or destroyed overnight. A lot of business of the world depends upon the activity pattern of this trading place. It represents the whole American business. The market has taken such a mammoth shape that fall and rise of the performance of this place writes the terms of American Economy.

Another important economical hub is Main Street. Main Street represents small consumers and businesses whereas Wall Street represents the activities of richest companies grouped under the name Fortune 500 companies. Main Street has, many a times, contributed to the improving of failing condition of Wall Street.

Getting a listing in New York Stock Exchange is synonymous to the sound condition of the company. Very few companies in the world attain a status of being a Wall Street favorite. Apart from Stock Exchange, Mercantile Exchange and NASDAQ are situated in Wall Street. Congregation of such financial giants at one place aptly makes Wall Street the financial hub of USA.

Wall Street activities are available online at Wall-Street.com. This online information portal gives full peak into the financial scenario of the world and analyses the condition of world economy fairly and critically. Top 10 companies listed in this portal belong to various sectors ranging from petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals. Round the clock availability of financial reports on this portal justifies the tagline ‘Money Never Sleeps’.

The popularity of Wall Street can be gauged by the fact that a movie based on a trader’s activities was named after this street in 1987. A magazine named after Wall Street famously known as Wall Street Journal is like a bible for financial market followers. Apart from stocks other equity products like mutual funds are also traded through this financial centre.

Currently, Wall Street is witnessing numerous layoffs due to the poor economic condition. With the experience earned from the years of working at Wall Street, those who are facing the axe are confident enough to run the enterprise of their own. Popping up of various small money lending companies is the proof of the expertise earned from Wall Street.

The career options like stock analyst, portfolio manager and fund manager are available to make a mark in Wall Street. Wall Street analyst needs to have an expert eye and flexible approach equipped with detailed research background.