What is Waste Management

Waste Management is the term that refers to the assortment, processing, recycling, transport, and monitoring of waste products. The foremost sources of wastes are household products, nuclear power plants, industries waste and much from our environment. Human activities also donate to increase the waste. The techniques that are used for holding the waste products differ for developed and developing nations, for urban and rural areas, and for residential and industrial producers.The waste products are mainly of three type’s solid, liquid or in gas state. Different methods are used to handle each state.

Waste management is not a minor issue for a country but it is a huge accountability on country to reuse and dispose the waste products from different sources properly. It is the conscientiousness of local government authorities to manage non-hazardous residential and institutional waste in metro areas. On other hand the management for non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste is done by the generator. Production of any substance not only new substances there is always waste associated with it. For instance production of clothes, needle, meal, bicycle, car etc waste production is always there.

Not only the techniques but also the location where waste has to be disposed also plays a gigantic role in waste management. If it is disposed in open place there are probability of outbreak of diseases like malaria, dengue, skin allergies, infections and other health risk. If it is disposed in oceans, rivers etc. then there is big jeopardy to aquatic life. The waste generated from nuclear power plants should not be disposed in open place.

There are an assortment of methods of waste disposal including integrated waste management, Plasma gasification, Landfill, Supercritical water decomposition and Incineration. In other US states, waste management in Phoenix or waste management in Texas a directory of waste management services as well as reviews, maps, websites and information are provided.

The recycling process is widely used for waste management. In this process the products that are in good state are reused or recycled by different techniques resulting less waste production. The traditional method to deal with waste was landfills. In landfills waste was buried into lands but due to limited space and pollution this technique failed.

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