What Is Web Hosting

The place where the Web Page is kept is called hosting. To work on the Web page, hosting option is needed. Web Hosting is used for providing server space, Web Services and File maintenance for the Web Sites.Hosting is completed using servers, which are additional computers and are networked to the Internet, holding millions of pages allowing people from around the world to view those pages. The hosting servers must be fast and should be continually working and backed up by other computers to allow constant ability to provide pages on demand.

Thus the Web Hosting is the process of publishing a web site so that it is available to the world on the Web. The companies or individuals who have their own servers control these Web sites. Free hosting is also provided on many sites but has restricted space or usage. Many different hosting options are available from very expensive commercial Web hosts to free Web hosts.

There are many types of web hosting in the market. These are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, collocation hosting and many more. 90% of the websites are hosted on shared hosting. Shared web hosting is the most common form of hosting solutions and is a cost effective way to maintain a web presence. It is a great option for businesses who wants to keep their online presence and also for the person who is the owner of a small blog.

Paid web hosting also involves getting a domain name and not having forced ads displayed on the site. Many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) allow subscribers a small amount of server space to host a personal Web page while some commercial ISPs will charge the user a fee depending on the complexity of the site being hosted.

Hosting a website is beneficial as it allows the person to interact with many other people and hence through this a portfolio of website with many other people is made which gives an opportunity to people to enhance their website hosting services. People need to contact web hosts regarding the space being taken up by a particular website and how much is left. The person can use his or her own hosting service through his or her ISP.

Now-a-days, unlimited web hosting has also arrived which is dependent upon the server of great capabilities.