What is Website Traffic

Website Traffic is a measurement of the people who view a website. It can be calculated daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. For e.g. If 1000 people are visiting a website daily, then it means that the Website Traffic of the site is 500 for single day. A website needs traffic for the people to read the articles, sign up to the newsletter, buy a product which is being sold or promoting etc… depending upon the purpose for which the web site is being developed and published.

Some of the ways by which the website traffic of a website can be increased or a website can be advertised are:

By posting an article about the website on related blogs and get free back links. By submitting to directories By giving advertisements in free classifieds Popularizing the Web site with the help of Forums.

Using a social network to increase web traffic is now a very easy as well as a profitable way. Most of social networks are free to use and the most popular one’s (such as Facebook, Twitter etc…) can be targeted for this purpose as on these sites, millions of people are there and more the number of people more are the chances of getting a web site popularize. To have an efficient website or blog which is integrated with social networks, the user has to care about the content which is being used to attract readers. One of the major benefits is the cost. Using social network sites to advertise a website or to get more traffic is totally free and hence avoiding hefty investments for advertisement purposes. The owner needs not to pay anything on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter etc…

Website traffic also helps the owners to monitor the effectiveness of their web site. Patterns can be found such as how many visitors are there from a particular region and the priority can also be assigned to them for the profit of the web site and its owner. Website traffic has how become the main goal of many companies or organizations which are investing a lot and are dependent on their web sites for business purposes or for the purposes of finding clients with the help of internet.

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