What Is Wheezing

It happens when respiratory system doesn’t work well and is closely related to both bronchitis and asthma. It is really annoying to take breathe in whizzing sound and attract eyes to noisy sound taken from breathing. Indeed wheezing occurs when the airway of respiratory system is narrowed down. There’s nothing to worry, several remedies are unveiled herein to cure both asthma and bronchitis and let’s breathe more freely and comfortably.


Recognized as one of magical remedies in ancient Egypt, this natural remedy brings a lot of benefits to the health. Just mix with fresh water and ginger to add tasty flavor. If consumed regularly, it helps improve stamina and cure a trouble part in respiratory system

The inhalation of steam

Have you ever heard about this unique method? It can be used to alleviate harsh sound in the respiratory system. It is often used to clean up the passage of sinus and treat infection in the respiratory system. This treatment is effective to smooth nasal package and reduce mucus

Ayurvedic Herbs

This medical treatment is famously used in India and spread throughout the world in providing some benefits to health. Boswellia can lower the risk of inflammation and treat irritation throughout airways. Planning to obtain this medicine can be a good idea for treating wheezing and the way to find Ayurvedic Herbs will require Ayurvedic Practitioners to determine right dosage in daily usage.

Alexander Breathing Technique

This technique can widen up the narrowed airways by improving the posture of body. In western medication, it gains popularity of treating wheezing and unhealthy respiratory system effectively. There’s strong bound between right body postures and breathing technique and fitted posture can be easily achieved through Alexander Breathing Technique.

Salt Pipe

Inspired by the caves of salt in Poland where salty air can be taken for breathing, you can easily reduce mucus and improve air circulation in the respiratory system. The mucus reduction is effective to treat asthma and bronchitis easily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For years ago, Apple Cider Vinegar is widely used to reduce inflammatory risk and treat asthma. Of course, when suffering wheezing, putting this vinegar is right remedy that relieves coughing and annoying asthma, to be more acceptable in taste, adding water will be good idea.


This method uses needles to be inserted into skin beneath. This insertion is intended to smooth the running way of energy into body and relieve any diseases, including asthma. Acupuncture is recognized by world from ancestor of Chinese and has been proven to bring an effective medication.

Arachidonic acid

This acid is sourced from shellfish, meat and egg yolk. By routinely consuming these healthy foods, you can reduce the risk of inflammation and the symptoms of Asthma. For those suffering some allergies, arachidonic acid will supply nutrients and encourage anti allergic system into body.

Bowen Technique

Getting into Bowen Technique as a way to relieve wheezing really makes sense. Originally come from Australia, this treatment applies by rebalancing nerve system and treating wheezing in airways.

By the abovementioned treatments, you will be easy to treat wheezing without visiting a doctor. Begin with natural medication is always good to count on self immunity system for best recovery.