What is Whooping Cough

The other name for this is Pertussis. It is an infection.  Generally it affects the children under 6 months of age. Proper immunizations protect them from Whooping cough.  It can be observed in the kids ranging from 11-18 years as their immunization may get faded out. Every year, number of people used to die due to this whooping cough before the invention of medicine.  Globally this trapped thousands of children every year.  Due to the invention of vaccine, number of deaths gradually reduced and now it was single digit number who are dying with.  During 1950s thousands of children struggled and died.

Generally every disease will have some signs and symptoms.  Generally the symptoms are so common like a cold. Children struggle with runny nose, sneezing, mild cough and low grade fever.  Dry cough struggles them a lot for two weeks.  The cough continues and lasts for a long time.  The child after coughing turns to red color.  Finally you can observe whooping sound when they breathe or vomit.  For some kids, you can observe redness in their face due to gasping of air.

Prolonged cough is the main symptom of this disease.  This is an infection and is called contagious.  The bacteria easily spread from person to person.  The tiny drops emerge from their nose or mouth results the cough in another person.  Air carries the drops easily when a person sneezes or coughs.  Inhaling the emerged drops from the patient quickly sucks you to the disease.  

There are ways to prevent this whooping cough.  Vaccine protects the world to its maximum extent.  Taking birth after the invention of the vaccine is a great boon today.  This whooping cough vaccine is a part of DTap immunization.  It shall be given in five doses until the child possess six years.  During the age 11-18 also boosters will be given as there are chances of previous immunizations gets faded out.  If people are living in a small house, the chances of this cough are more.  Any person who will be in close contact may have full chances of infection.  Generally the incubation period is 7 to 10 days and lasts for 21 days.  They will have one to two weeks of cold symptoms followed by four weeks with severe coughing. The recovery period takes long time in some kids.  The disease may last for month together.   Getting a medicine from the local medical drug store is not enough.  Professional treatment is necessary.  If you suspect your child is suffering with whooping cough, keep the child under medication at the doctor as many days as he specifies.  The doctor will do the physical exam, samples of mucus evolved from mouth and nose.  He will get it examined and then confirm the disease.  From then the treatment starts.  Even blood tests and chest x rays shall be done for some cases.