What is Wi-Fi

Wireless fidelity the technology that has made the internetworking more effective, efficient and worth talkative.

The only connectivity options that we had during the early times were that of rigid but robust static connections where a pc is connected to the internet via the fixed wired connection. Thou this technology is most used, most efficient and most secured but the biggest disadvantage of this technology is that the user has to be rigid to a particular location, and cannot move to an alternative location with his network working. This caused lots of problems to the users who have to move frequently in a campus.

The solution to this problem was Wi-Fi which is also known as IEEE 802.11 standards. This technology provides lots of prominent features which cannot be offered by the static lines. The Wi-Fi works as first setting up a access point, there could be any number of access points in a campus depending on the need and the requirement. Then these are connected to the main control center generally data centers in an organization.

Now for a user to be connected to internet just have to have the device which is capable of capturing the signals and communicate generally we make use of Ethernet card for this purpose. The other requirement is the user must be in the range of the signal transmitted by the access point. Once the above conditions are matched the use sends a request for the connectivity, the access point takes that request and pass it on to the control center, then the control center checks for the required information and providing it with the IP address responses to the user, the user after authentication is granted access to the internet via the Wi-Fi enabled network.

Now at the same time if the user is required to visit the office which is at another building in the same campus, then this task is not tough in this case, as the other building is in same campus and using the same network so the user can easily move to that place without being disconnecting himself from the network and continuously using the services.

Thou this technology has many advantages but the disadvantage associated is that of security and signal strength. The Wi-Fi is considered to be as less secured as the network is open for anybody to access and the other thing is that the signal quality is degraded and decreased with increase in the distance for the access point, but still it is considered to be as best modern technique for internet access.

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