What Is WiMax

At a time when most communication settings are based on broadband connection, WiMax is not entirely limited to the broadband connection.  It offers both fixed and portable communication services to a higher scale than is normal. It covers a wide range of operation.  It is important to understand that WiMax offers two types of Wimax base stations.  They have the fixed station and the wireless stations. They can easily be accessed to each place where their antenna is based.  

Technology in the 21st century keeps on getting better.  WiMax is a communication system which offers amongst others,

  • High speed internet connection
  • Telephone services
  • Data transformation
  • Voice application and
  • Video streaming

WiMax is one of the advent of technology that has brought communication to a different level.  Friends, family and relatives are now able to share in some of their special occasions while at different ends of the world. One of its advantages is the cost issue.  The cost is within the range of most of the ordinary persons.  This has made it a sort-out technology covers a wide ultra-band making it easier to use even in meetings and or home gatherings.

It is important to understand that only WiMax users can enjoy its vast services.  Those connected on the same network can enjoy its services.  The technology is way above what has been around for over the years.  It offers some excellent features when it comes to communication purposes. WiMax is the first company worldwide to offer its end-users the open IP architecture.  This has to go along way as it is just beginning its operations and has faced a few hurdles here and there.

WiMax is currently the next kid on the block and if not watched out, will bring communication to a higher level.  Its works on IEEE transmitting data through non-online channels and has made it one of the sort-communication systems by people on the move.  Compared to the 3G technology it has far greater advantages.  It boasts of having its receiver and tower which covers a wide area than the 3G band connection.

WiMax currently offers some of the first internet connections.  This has been proved by users.  The connection is quite first and can cover a wide area of operation. It is definitely faster and user friendly than the current modems. Customers are expected to subscribe on a monthly basis.  The quality of service being received cannot be underrated.  It is excellent and relatively first.  WiMax has also been designed to cover a number of users at the same time and promises a more stable connection than its other competitors whose servers occasionally slow down and crash when least expected.