What is Windows 7

The window has many various advanced features not found in other windows such as being fast and easy to use. The windows also had advanced technology such as touch and handwriting technology. It also has good multi-processor performance and other exciting capabilities such as improved boot performance. This is why the windows are a good operating system that should be purchased for various computers at home and offices. Windows 7 is among the best windows for various reasons such as having the top features not found in other windows. The features are as follows:

1. Advanced Touch
2. Speech and Handwriting recognition
3. Support for virtual hard disks
4. Support for various file formats and other amazing features that are not found in the other windows versions.

The feature found in Windows 7 that surpasses any windows is advanced touch which means the user can touch the screen to move the cursor around. Further this allows speed and efficiency when using the computer in order to carry out efficient performance.  This can mean a lot to those who do not like the hassle of a mouse or keyboard. Further the advanced feature of Windows 7 means touching is easy because a user can easily browse through online newspaper, and scroll through various online journals and eBooks and enjoy reading them online. However window 7 does not end at this because it has more to offer than just easy scrolling. This advanced windows 7 has other potential features that are astounding such as shuffling through photos and browsing online folders. It allows customers to research easily and without any hassle and with complete ease. This means users can find out new things quickly and on time because of various aspects of the touch feature. It allows things to be easily arranged on the windows with ease and also allows the user to easily navigate through items.

The other exciting feature of advanced windows 7 is the fact that it has a good home improvement technology which means that you can use the home group for sharing various folders, printer and other technology as well as the folders which can be accessed on two separate computers easily. It also allows the user to jump on the lists which means that they can easily jump on the lists of songs and is able to use the advanced features which are not found in any other version of windows. This allows files to be accessed through shortcuts and easily jumped to in good time and so the Windows 7 are regarded and considered as the best windows available.

A-z features are as follows

64-bit support,  Accessibility,  Action Center,  Aero, Audio and video, Backup and Restore, BitLocker, Calculator, Desktop, Device management, DirectX 11, Email, Gadgets, Games Explorer, Getting Started, HomeGroup, Internet Explorer, jump Lists, Language packs, Libraries, Location-aware printing, Multiplayer games, Networking, Paint, Parental Controls, Peek, Performance improvements, Play To, Power management, ReadyBoost, Remote Desktop Connection, Remote Media Streaming, Shake, Snap, Snipping Tool, Startup Repair, Sticky Notes, System Restore, Tablet PC, User Account Control, Windows Anytime Upgrade, Windows Connect Now, Windows Defender, Windows Easy Transfer, Windows Experience Index, Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Firewall, Windows Live Essentials, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player 12, Windows Mobility Center, Windows Search, Windows Taskbar, Windows Touch, Windows Troubleshooting, Windows Update, Windows XP Mode, WordPad, XPS

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