What is Wound Gel

Wound gel is like a medication and it is use to heal wounds. Wounds can be serene or very ruthless. This gel helps in fast healing of wouds by providing moist environment and also helps in reducing scarring. Minor, acute as well as chronic wounds can be healed through it. This gel acts as a barrier between the injury and external environment because outside environment contain many unhygienic particles which can make the wound worse. It not only acts as a obstruction but also as a pain-reliever and help in reassuring the wound.

Firstly, the wound is cleaned then gel is applied on it and at last it is properly bandaged. If bandage is applied without gel then on its confiscation it causes a lot of pain but with the application of gel its exclusion become easier and it doesn’t even dent the underlying tissues.

There are two types of wounds first are dry and second are wet wounds. In wet wounds there is continuous flow of fluid such as pus. When wound gel is applied on wet wound then it prevents the accumulation of fluid at the surface of wound. In dry wounds to release moisture gels are made up of 50% water they can also absorb the exudates which is a fluid which leaks out of damaged tissues. This will improve the wound which was difficult to heal.

The wound gels that are available in tubes or aerosol which are commonly available in home can be applied without prescription. But if there is severe wound then it should be consulted with doctor which will help in choosing the right treatment.

Wound gel was firstly used in 1750 BC it was made from leaves of aloe plant and at that time it was used as a aloe Vera gel. It was used to treat topical wounds, punctures, burns. Then in 1960, moist wound healing treatments were used along with dressing they can aid in the healing of certain types of wounds.

Avoid using wound gel on wounds that contain derbis, material and fibers since these can be source of contamination, bacteria and pathogens. The wounds that are extremely bleeding require dressing rather than that of wound gel because this gel help in keeping moisture and bleeding wounds don’t need additional hydration.

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