What is Xanax

Xanax is medical prescription which acts as an addictive medicine specifically for people with confirmed disorders relating to anxiety or panic. This medicine belongs to the family of drugs widely known by the name benzodiazepines. A medication prescribed from this group of medicines is given in cases of certain unbalance created in the chemicals of the brain which results in panic and anxiety in the patient. There comes Xanax to treat the person who gets into depression or insomnia as a further reaction to the anxiety disorder. Xanax comes in the form of bars and tablets with the maximum dosage of 2mg. The other available dosages are 1mg, 0.5mg and 0.25 mg and any treatment with the prescription of Xanax starts with the minimum dosage of 0.25mg which is gradually worked up.

The patients who are prescribed for consumption of Xanax are primarily those who suffer from panic disorder, anxiety disorder or nausea resulted as chemotherapy side effect. Patients with such diagnosis are normally characterized by symptoms like illusion, unrealistic worry, hopelessness, vision changes, sore throat and dry mouth. People who aren’t supposed to consume this medicine are primarily pregnant women, patients with persisting conditions of asthma, bronchitis, chronic pulmonary disorder or breathing problems, someone with history of kidney or alcoholic liver disease, a drug addict or a person with history of depression or suicidal behavior.

Xanax, if not consumed with doctor’s prescription could lead to give certain possible side effects which has to be immediately attended as an emergency. Such symptoms could be swelling of face, lips, throat or tongue and difficulty in breathing. One should as well consider discontinuing the use of Xanax, when you have side effects as hyperactivity, hallucinations, jaundice, urinating very less than normal and depressed mood which are all considered serious side effects of consuming Xanax.

Finally it is very important to understand the precautions to be followed while taking up a treatment with Xanax. Let’s take a quick look at them as listed below.

  • Withdraw intake of alcohol, when Xanax is prescribed.
  • Stick very strongly to the prescribed dosage, as over dosages could be hazardous to your life.
  • Don’t forget to take the medicine along with a glass full of water.
  • Any reported history of kidney disease, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory problems or liver disease has to be revealed to the doctor before starting up with the medication.
  • Breastfeeding women should be very careful not to consume any medicine of this group, since alprazolam can pass through the breast milk to the infant, which is harmful.
  • This medicine is not prescribed for a person below 18 years old. Old patients need to be very cautious while consuming this medication, due to the accidental falls which is common for aged people taking this treatment.
  • Consume the tablet as a whole without breaking it into small pieces because the tablet is specifically made to release the medicine very gradually. Therefore breaking into pieces will lead to heavy release of medicine at one shot.
  • Finally there are few drugs along with which intake of Xanax should be avoided namely ketoconazole or itraconazole.

The most important safety measure is to keep this medicine safely out of reach of children and drug addicts, for Xanax is a very strong and highly addictive medication.