What is Yeast Infection

Have you seen how the yeast or fungus occurs on the surface of stale bread? The fungus or yeast grows and ruins the entire bread. The same could happen in parts like the mouth or organs like the vulva and the vagina. The yeast infection is mostly caused by the single cell fungus known as Candida. Candida Albicans is primarily responsible for vaginitis, though other causes are also bacteria and other germs. On the other hand, the yeast Candida glabrata and the same can contribute to the problem of oral thrush. It would be better if we try and understand the exact nature of the yeast infections and how we can treat them with the right means.

Vaginitis is a kind of yeast infection that occurs in the vagina. It has been reportedly found out that 75% of women suffer from vaginitis. The general symptom of this yeast infection is an inflammation of the skin. This will also be accompanied with a usual irritation in the vaginal area. The disease has several causes. One of them is the mentioned Candida Albicans. The other is infection of germs and bacteria transmitted through sexual contact. There are other causes of the infection as well. These serve as a real trouble to many women. They suffer from itching sensations and also severe inflammation even when passing urine through the vagina.

On the other hand, there is also something known as vulvavitis or the vulvovaginitis. This one has similar symptoms like the usual vaginitis. The infections are accompanied by the usual inflammation and itching irritability. There are also other reasons behind the vaginitis. These include to some mild injuries caused in the vaginal area. The other causes are the use of vaginal douches or even some of the contraceptives. The problem of vulvovaginitis and vaginitis can also take place when there is some irregularity in the PH balance in the vagina and other organs of the body. These causes together contribute to such distressing and irritating problems.

Other than such problems, the yeast infection or candidiasis can also take place near the mouth or on the tongue. This is also known as oral candidiasis. The entire mouth or tongue could be covered with the yeast or bacterial infection. The main culprit behind such a problem is the usual Candida Albicans. However, other germs like the Candida glabrata are also involved in causing the fungus to spread and infect the regions near the mouth. There are other causes like the spread and infection of mucus from the nose or the mouth. The case of oral yeast infection is often observed in children and infants, whose mouths have to be cleaned properly to avoid any infections.

So, how does one treat the irritations of yeast infection? There are antiseptic creams and solutions, which can be applied on the inflamed and infected skin of the regions. There are also some chemical solutions and compounds like clotrimazole, Gentian violet and vaginal flora. These have strong antifungal properties, which can keep the skin healthy against any further infections.

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