What Is Yellow Fever

A viral infection caused due to dominance of the mosquitoes especially in tropical areas is called as a Yellow fever. The virus enters into the blood veins of a person through the saliva of a Mosquito bite and gets accumulated into multiple body cells within the kidneys, blood vessels and liver. This ultimately leads to cause yellow fever in a person. 

Yellow fever is ale known to be a contagious disease. This fact was revealed and established by observing the spread of this disease in a jungle cycle. A mosquito sucking the blood of an already infected monkey passes on the developed infection by biting other monkeys. This lead other monkeys to get easily inflicted with the virus causing Yellow fever.

The similar process was observed in urban area when an infected traveler is bitten by a mosquito passes on the same virus to other traveler or person. It was although also observed that either there was further formation of epidemic chain or given an effective timely treatment, the chain of the disease was broken irretrievably.

A recovery time of this disease may vary from 3 to 4 days calculated from the day one of the onset period. However, it is also noted that many death are caused within a short period of 24 hours even after a good recovery.

The symptoms of a yellow fever are more or less the same as that of influenza. In adverse and extreme conditions yellow fever can also lead to severe internal bleeding, meningitis or a kidney failure. 

Some of the common symptoms of the disease is vomiting, nausea, and headache and body pains. Yellow fever also gives rise to other conditions like Anemia, jaundice, swelling in the liver, kidney damage, blood from stomach, nose or mouth, blood vomiting and hepatitis. A sudden bleeding could also lead to immediate death.

Thus, it becomes very important for the people, more especially the travelers to the other countries to safeguard themselves and prevent getting infected with this dreadful and life threatening disease. The reports reveal that there is a death rate of more than 50% population due to sudden epidemics.

The vaccine is known to be one of the most effective remedy to prevent yellow fever. This vaccine starts to safeguard a person from the 10th day of the vaccination and up to the period of 10 years. The medical experts therefore give advice to get this vaccine administered in every 10 years.

Yellow Fever vaccine is more especially recommended to the aged people above 60 years, people born with problems of thymus glands and countries where there is a substantial existence of the mosquitoes transmitting the yellow fever virus.

The regulations of International Health Organization provide a safe and early prevention of yellow fever by administering vaccines through their clinics especially registered as centers for yellow fever.