What Is Yin and Yang

Chinese philosophers referred to the time before the origin of the world as Wu Chi. When we translate the term into English, it gives us the meaning as ultimate nothingness. When logic is applied to this term, we cannot comprehend it because how can something exist out of nothing! This is why, the Chinese later interpreted the term as chaos; when everything existed in a formless manner. When an object begins to take form, it will get a color, a shape and a form. Soon you can tell its color and how it differs from the background. It is at this point that one is said to be observing Yin & Yang!

Chinese history says that from Wu Chi, Tai Chi was formed and from the latter came the two elements Yin & Yang. The circular Tai-Chi symbol is well known today but many people do not know the true meaning. Many people just term it as some sign associated with martial arts but this symbol means much more than that. The creation of the universe is described by this symbol and it even describes the innermost working process of the universe in a pictorial format. It is here that the dynamic interaction of Yin & Yang takes place. Here is an example to better explain Yin & Yang.

If you have an empty room, it can be considered to be in a state of Wu Chi. When a group of people enter the room, it is said to be in a stage of Tai Chi. As people start interacting with each other, their personalities are exhibited. Extrovert & dynamic people are known to be more Yang, while introverts are considered to be more Yin. This leads us to few conclusions:

  • Yin & Yang can be termed as two opposite states.
  • Both Yin & Yang are not absolute but are in fact transient stages that everything experiences at different points of time.
  • Both these transient stages cannot exist if there is no one to observe them.
  • It depends upon individual perception as to what is Yin and what is Yang

Here are some more characteristics of Yin & Yang:

  • Yin and Yang are two purely infinite stages.
  • Both are formed continuously, infinitely and the same will continue for as long as the universe exists.
  • Yin is a centrifugal force while Yang is a centripetal one.
  • As both these forces are opposite in nature, they will attract each other.
  • All phenomena occurring in the universe are composed of yin and yang in and so are all the things present here.
  • All things are constantly changing in terms of the proportion of yin and yang components present in them. All things are thus restless.
  • There can be no such thing as complete Yin or complete Yang. Everything is relative.
  • There can also be nothing that has both Yin & yang in equal proportion. Either one has to be in a greater proportion than the other.
  • The force of affinity or attraction that attracts one thing to the other depends upon the proportion of Yin and yang within both the things. One with Yang will attract one with more Ying and vice versa.
  • Yin will produce Yang while Yang will produce Yin.