What is Zoology

Zoology is a branch of science that studies about the animals.  Although this branch is like an umbrella, where there is a lot of specialization.  For example if you are planning to study fish biology, the branch is called ichthyologist, the people dealing with mammal’s studies mammalogist.  This branch of science is very ancient.  It dates back to the Greek period where zoology was being studied with the Aristotle intervention.  However, the Aristotle committed many mistakes as well.  Here the zoologist was not specific in this age.  They only collected the animals at random and tried to understand the behavior.  The main vogue in the field of zoology started with the invention of the microscope, and with the contribution of the great scientist Charles Darwin.  Darwin formulated the immense study on the networking between the humans and animals. His strong projection of ideas about the origination of humankind from humans has developed acute interest of people in the field of zoology.  

By the upcoming of this development in the field of zoology, a depth has evolved in the field of zoology. We started studying the various classifications of animals, and the field became the diverse one in comparison to earlier one.  The various specializations that have been developing in the recent years have been ecology, microbiology, cell biology and many more.

Since with the advancement of research and technology in the field of zoology, there are specific degrees in the specific branch. However, you can also pursue the research work in the field of zoology after you have done your masters.  If you planning to get into the field of zoology, you can always look for some specific field tagged to the field of zoological sciences.  For example, ecology, which is a part of zoology, demands the study of animals and their chemistry in the existing environment.  However, the young aspirants who are interested in the study of extinct animals, they can switch on to the department of paleozoology.

However, even in this field you can have to more specific about the choice of studying the subjects.  In the field of paleozoolgy, one can study paleobotanist.  This subject includes the physical anthropology of the species.  However, in the branch of anthrozoologist, the scholars have to take up the issues of cultural and physical anthropology both.  They have to understand the interaction between the man and animal.  Moreover, they can have to study the reasons of extinction of the animals.

Cryptozoology, is an amusing branch of zoology where the you research about the rumored extinct animals.  Those animals who were rumored to be extinct, but they have been discovered later. For example if you talk about the animals like Loch Ness monster or Yeti.

These days zoology has really come up with a lot of vital progress. Here we get to know various strands about our own community.  For the researches, they have a lot of scope and opportunities in the zoology.  They can work under several professional statures, as they can add to the behaviorist nature of the animals, work in zoos, study about the wild animals, check out for the archeological studies, and various other programs.