What Kind of Nail File is Best to Use

The kind nail file to be used depends to great extent on the nature and condition of your nail. There are expensive varieties using glass or stone and the less expensive ones with emery boards. Some nail files are long lasting while others may have to be replaced quite often. Apart from the type and material used the frequency of use and how it is used are also important factors in determining the durability of a nail file. A nail file can be compared to sand paper and the present day conditions both synthetic and natural materials can be used to make one.

Nail files that come cheap are quite grainy and are rough to use. They do not last long and cannot be used a number of times for a long time. There are better nail files that lasts longer but alike all other products the better ones cost more. There are nail files which are professional grade and they are the best in market. The basic material for making a professional grade nail file is natural mineral. Other minerals are also used.

Stone, other minerals and glass are the basic raw materials for the best nail files.  The mineral comes in the form of crushed stones. Nail files made by using crushed stones are permanent and of professional grade. If used and taken care properly these files will last your life time. There are different types of crushed stone files, some of them with girt. The grit is indicated on the package containing the nail file or on the nail files by a number meaning that higher the number finer is the girt.         

The girt also differs from one side of the nail file to the other. The gradation of girt on the nail is determined not by your own preference for it but by the type of nail you have and bed on which the nail file has to be used. The girt has to be finer for natural nails. Natural nails are to be worked on in a gentle manner.

This purpose is best served by the use of a nail file with fine girt which is very gentle and goes easy on your natural nails and also nail beds. Artificial nails made of materials like acrylic will need a nail file with coarser girt. The coarseness is indicated by the small number on the package. Nail files are easily available in any retail store. The better ones which will be more expensive will available in stores selling beauty products. It can be any nail file that you prefer. 

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