What Should I Consider When Buying a Gold Ring

Gold rings have many uses such as they are consider as best jewel a man can gift a woman, but their best use is during a marriage when both bride and groom exchange rings. As not all that glitters is gold and so not all rings that shine are real gold. So when buying one piece of jeweler you need a good amount of research.

Gold can be 24, 18 or 14 karat. These are the standard terms in use all over the world. 18-karat rings are standard karat value used in European countries, while 14-karat rings are available in northern America. The 24-karat rings are the best in the business, as they are the purest form of gold.  24-karat gold is the finest and the purest form of gold and the 14-karat holds the lowest value of gold in karat. If anything is below 14-karat then it is not a gold ornament.

The standard procedure followed in gold ornaments is to mark them with a hallmark depending upon their purity. The value of the karat should be mentioned on the ornament in a clear way so that the customer is able to identify the difference between each ring. The manufacturers do this by marking a hallmark on the ring, which gives the true rate of the karat value. If someone is buying a ring that does not contain a hallmark then there are chances that the ring might be not up to the mark or may be a fake one.


Another thing to look out when one is purchasing a ring is its color. The usual colour of the ring is yellow. It only changes when some other precocious metal mixes with gold during the production of the ring. Traditionally yellow color rings are very common in use. These days white-gold is also gaining popularity and is highly expensive. Some of them also come in three different colors – a combination of yellow, rose and white or green gold for example. The traditional people who chose the wedding ring still go for the yellow color.


Purchasing the gold ring for any purpose be it wedding or any other special occasion should be done very carefully. Gold jewels are kept as a reminder of the good times, and one should take a wise decision while purchasing them, as a wrong decision can make the memories go bad. Thus, one should go for jeweller, which is authentic and affordable. There are many jewellery shops worldwide, which sell genuine ornaments. In order to save time and energy, one can also shop from the Internet.