What Should I Know About Business Etiquette in China

It is utmost important to understand the subtlety of business etiquette in China if you wish to succeed in official interactions within China. Proper business etiquette requires a good knowledge of the language and a trustable translator, along with the proper understanding of the language, culture and customs of the country like China. In any other part of the country, it is always appreciated if you offer the host flowers and clocks etc, but in China, you should resist doing this, as these both are associated with death. Rather, you can take a bottle of wine or alcohol wrapped in elite red and golden gift paper. It is not very important that you have to have a good accent in Chinese language, but if you try to speak a few important phrases or words, that will show your willingness and your interest into the learning and embracing the culture. Your translator will play a crucial role here, by telling and expressing to your business counterparts that you are trying your level best to understand the language.

As practiced in major parts of the world, the first greeting in a meeting is always a handshake, but right business etiquette in China is not having this as a custom. In fact, Chinese people greet a person by offering their business cards. It should be accepted and should be read immediately. After receiving it, do not put the card in your pocket, but place it on your meeting table. Experts also suggest to have business cards printed with your name and contact numbers in Chinese on the backside of the card.

If a handshake is appreciated by the person, do not expect another handshake at the end of the meeting and resist yourself from having any other bodily contact with your colleague while interacting officially in China. Never ever try to hug or put arm over their shoulder of a Chinese colleague and a friendly kiss on their cheek to greet someone of opposite sex. They will feel offended as privacy and private space is respected in China.

Business etiquette there usually involves dining out with clients .During dining out,, you can be seated on the host’s right side and served before everyone present there as a part of showing their respect towards the guest. Alcohol is usually a part of is encouraged, but if you do not drink, it is always advisable to tell them due to some medical reasons, you cannot consume it so that non consumption of alcohol should not offend the host.