What Should I Know About Electric Guitar Strings

Guitars are one among the wonderful innovations of the music industry which leads the family of string instruments which came in two primary forms namely acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are designed to produce the tone by the string vibration which is then amplified by the main body whereas Electric guitars were introduced to give better sound by the amplifying the tone electrically. This was a great boon to the music bands and big orchestras where guitars had to compete with other large musical sections.

While there are various factors that need to be considered before buying an electric guitar like the style of the body, frets, the necks, wood quality, cost and length of the scale, one should not forget to look at the strings of the guitar which forms the very life of the guitar. Here is an easy reference for all the electric guitar buyers to know something more about their strings.

When you talk about the strings on the electric guitar, you should be familiar with two important terms like gauges and the windings which are available with a vast range of options. Windings refer to the method of construction of the string surface and the diameter of the string is usually termed as the gauge.

The most familiar ones are the Nickel plated electric guitars whose strings are strings are normally stainless steel but the surface is nickel plated. These guitars give a brighter tone and the nickel in it helps to keep the strings smoother to play. Some of the popular brands of this type could be GHS boomers and Ernie Ball Slinky. There are also pure nickel electric guitar strings which sound more vintage and warm when compared to the earlier mentioned one. Another variety available is the stainless steel electric guitar strings which give a brighter tone amongst all of them. But due to the surface being round wound which makes it rough, these guitars become less preferable amongst jazz players who generally would go for flat wound strings which offer the smoothest tone.

So what exactly does it mean by round wound or flat wound? As mentioned earlier winding means the way the strings are constructed to give a finish to the surface. The strings are said to be round wounded when a round wire wraps around the core of the strings. This method of construction is known to produce higher volume and at the same time gives a noise from the fingers thereby making playing a little rigid. On the contrast the flat wound strings are wrapped like a ribbon giving a smoother finish but a warmer output.

Gauges of the electric guitar strings could be lighter, medium or heavy which differs from the manufacturers who make them. There are also extra light strings which comes as a factory set up ranging between .009- .042. Light gauge settings usually range between .010- .046 which gives more balance to the guitar when compared to the extra light strings which could be too easy to be bent especially on a smaller scale length guitars. Medium gauge which range between .011- .048 is chosen by people with heavy hands.

The strings on your guitar can make it your best guitar or even turn you down with a bad choice of guitar. So always go through the complete guide of electric guitar strings which could help you making the right choice.