What Should I Know About Excessive Yawning

Excessive yawning is an indicator of your tiredness, lack of sleep and less oxygen level in your blood. If you have not retired to bed early and have been working all through without sleep, then you are likely to yawn as your body indicates that you are tired and the fact that you require good sleep and rest. Most often body reflects and reacts to the mental tiredness and physical tiredness which results in yawning.  Whenever you yawn, you open your jaw wide and then you take a very deep breath and this creates a pressure on lungs.

Many health experts and doctors also consider that yawning is a symptom from your body that it requires few hours of rest or relaxation. Most often it considered as an indication that you should stop working and must relax until your body begins to feel energetic and active.

Some times, while working in groups, if a person beside you is yawning, you will also begin to yawn and the reason for this is that yawning is contagious. The symptom of excessive yaming is yawning more than one time in 90seconds.

But when yawning has been occurring excessively it is always recommended to give a complete health checkup. Because excessive yawning can be occurring due to the problems in nervous system, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or due to any other reason.

Excessive intake of antibiotics can also lead to excessive yawning. Therefore the best remedy for excessive yawning is to give enough sleep to the body and try to relax for a longer period of time.

Enough sleep, exercise and proper diet will surely act as a good remedy for excessive yawning. Further taking time to give enough rest to the body and also to avoid stress and hard working hours, will surely prevent the occurrence of excessive yawning. It is also important to understand that whenever you begin to yawn excessively, it is always recommended to relax or take rest for some time until your body is reenergized and will begin to feel much better when yawning stops.

This will be the best remedy and in other instances of health problems, it is always advisable and recommended to follow the instructions of a doctor and consider medicine suitable for a certain period of time until you find relief. This is the most easiest and simplest method of treatment that can bring good results and remedy from excessive yawning.  Therefore it is always good to observe your yawns and take good rest and prevent further health problems occurring as a result of excessive yawning.

* If any other symptoms are noticed, seek medical help immediately.