What to do in an Earthquake

No matter where you are and what you are doing earthquake can strike any time. Earthquake is basically doesn’t have any advance warnings it can come any time. Though scientists have chalk down the earthquake prone areas like the Great African rift, the San Andreas Fault in North America, etc and have worked on the euipments to detect the earthquakes but sometimes even they don’t work well.

As it is said earlier that it doesn’t have any prior indications and can come any time in a day therefore it is beneficial to get prepared for that fatal incident. This will help you to protect yourself incase if you caught in the middle of that. Now lets see what are the must do things if earthquake strike all of a sudden.

Immediate action

When earthquake strike all of a sudden then you have to take some immediate actions to protect yourself. Like:

  • Drop to the floor immediately whenever you feel any shattering movement of the earth.
  • Try to take some cover of yourself. Like drop down under any table or interior wall. Try to avoid some danger areas like near windows, or under some hanging objects and all. Put your arms over your head and neck.
  • Now if have taken some support of some furniture then hold it strongly and move with it. Don’t come from there until you fell that ground has stop shaking.

Tips how to protect during earthquake-

  • If you are outdoors then try to run towards some clear areas which will be free from any trees, buildings or electrical post and wires.
  • If you are inside the high rising building and suddenly earthquake strikes and you couldn’t find out any furniture to protect your head and neck then move towards the interior wall and try to protect yourself. Don’t forget to cover your head and neck with your arms. Do not use the elevator at that time.
  • If you are passing near to the high rising building then try to protect yourself from falling windows, mirror, plasters etc by moving towards the doorway to the building.
  • If you are driving then keep try to park your car at the road side but try to avoid the electrical poles and wires. But don’t try to come out from the car stay inside.
  • If you are in the showroom then don’t panic to rush outside. Keep clear yourself from the shelves.
  • If you are in the wheel chair then don’t panic stay in it lock your wheels and cover your head and neck by your arms.
  • If you are in the cinema hall or in the stadium then don’t try to move outside protect your head with your arms and only move out when ground stops shaking,

All these are the tips for protecting yourself at in earthquake.

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