What was the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall was constructed by the German Democratic Republic in the year 1961, in order to stop people from East Germany from getting into the western parts of the country that was influenced by British and America. There were many other reasons too, that led to the construction of this massive divide that completely isolated East Germany from the city of Berlin. The Berlin wall was referred to as the ‘Wall of Shame’ by the people in Berlin. Berlin wall was guarded by towers wherein the intruders were at risk of being shot in case they attempted to cross the barrier. Owing to this reason, the area near the Berlin wall was referred to as the ‘Death Strip’.



The construction of Berlin wall symbolized the cold war that had been taking place between the two sections of Germany following the unrest after the Second World War. It has to be noted that the construction of this wall happened in stages with the barricade being built in the initial stage. In the subsequent years, other barbed fences, concrete structures and trenches were added to the wall. The events following the Second World War are said to be the main reason for the construction of the Berlin wall. Eastern Germany feared migration of citizens to Western parts in high numbers and this is said to be a main factor that led to the erection of this wall. The East Germans referred to this wall as ‘Anti- Fascist Protection Rampart’. However, with time, the demand for the demolition of the wall increased, owing to which the administration had to succumb to the pressure.



Crossing the border created by the Berlin wall and moving into West Germany was possible only for the Government officials. Due to the construction of this wall, many families were split and thousands of people in Western Germany rendered jobless, stuck on a hostile land. The German Democratic Republic claimed that the Berlin Wall played a significant role in preserving the culture of East Germany and avoiding brain drain of any kind to the west. In the year 1989, following the pressure from all round the world, East Germany granted permission for people to cross the Berlin Wall.


This triggered the process of unification of Germany and the destruction of the wall that caused miseries to many. The people from both sides of the country expressed their frustration against the wall as they set out to break the wall with their hammers and other equipments. The demolition of the wall happened in 1990 and this day is celebrated as the ‘Festival of Freedom’ in the history of Germany.

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