What was the Holocaust

It was WORLD WAR II in the late 1939, happened in Europe, which resulted in holocaust or the mass annihilation of millions of Jews in Europe. The holocaust remains one of biggest extermination of any human race in the history of mankind. It marked the dark side of Nazi Leader, Adolf Hitler. Holocaust has a very cloudy beginning; the questions of its beginning has already vanished because the person behind it is already dead.


In this history Adolf Hitler targeted the Jews, homosexuals, Disabled for persecution and Jehovah’s witnesses, he planned to destroy the Jewish people. His father was a very strict person that Hitler inherited. The ideology behind holocaust has became a historical debate among historians. Antisemitism, extermination and medical experiments on humans are the chief ideologies behind holocaust. However, Hitler’s psyche which was affected by General Paresis is described as the chief cause behind holocaust of Jews.


Two-third of the Jews were killed by the Nazis, 1.1 million children were murdered, 200,000 gypsies were killed, and even persons who were mentally and physically disabled in the so called Euthanasia Program were not spared mercy.  Hitler killed weak people who can’t protect and fight for themselves, even babies were killed without even thinking. Entire Poland was  demolished and turned into a ghetto. Nazi soldiers searched every corner and didn’t spare a Jew sibling. Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Majdanek, Chelmo, Krakow, Budapest, Bialystok, Kovno, Riga, and Warsaw were converted into ghettos or extermination camps and every ghetto was overpopulated with Jews. These ghettos formed the foundation of concentration camps and deadly human experiments were carried out in Auschwitz. The Jews population in Europe before the World War II was 8,861,800 and only 5,933,900 were left after the war. Around 67% Jews were mercilessly executed by Nazi Germany. Holocaust was considered as ultimate solution by the Nazi’s.   


Everything was planned, and that plan was to boycott all the business of all the Jews, they made the place hungry and unemployed, they made the place weak even the law were changed, one law that was changed was about the marriage of the Germans and the Jews. Until the unmerciful killings started it was called the “Night of the broken glass” it was the burning and throwing of broken glass on the stores or business owned by the Jews. Nazi soldiers started ruining the livelihood of the Jews, until every life was dead.

Germany became a genocidal state, even every arm of the country is involved in the killings process. It was a systematic destruction in a whole, from the religion to politics and national groups.

In the year 1944 the communities of Jews that were easy to reach by the Nazi regime was exterminated, the armies were removed from the Soviet Union and the German armies were defeated. This painful horror and sorrow history will be so hard to erase in ones memory, unmerciful, non human, cannot be forgiven, and a sinful memory that will stay with Germany forever.