What were the Axis Powers

World War 2 was undoubtedly one of the events that hold lot of significance in the history of mankind. It was during this stage that the world was divided into two halves under the heads, Axis powers and the Allied powers. Three countries that questioned the superiority of the western countries and stood against them were Italy, Germany and Japan. They constituted the foundation of the Axis powers. It was in the year 1935, that the efforts to constitute a military alliance by the name Axis powers began. Though initial steps were taken by the then Hungarian Prime Minister, Gyola Gombos, his death in the year 1936 led to Hungary losing significance in the later years.



The term axis powers which was first coined by Benito Mussolini to indicate the friendship between Germany and Italy, assumed the form of a military alliance after a tripartite agreement was signed between Italy, Germany and Japan in Berlin in 1940. This role of Hungary in bringing together Germany and Italy cannot be overlooked in this regard. Hungary joined into the alliance at a later stage. It is to be noted here that, the membership of this alliance was fluid in nature, where any country could join in as per their stand on the world scenario that prevailed at that point in time. However, it would not be an exaggeration in terming that the world was divided into virtual halves with the Axis powers leading the countries from the East.



The main reason for the increased strength of the axis powers is the ruthless leaders that controlled power in Italy, Germany and Japan. While Benito Mussolini ruled Italy under the Fascist party, it was Hitler who dictated terms in Germany as the head of Nazis. In Japan, the form of Government was Constitutional monarchy headed by Hirohito. Thus, it goes without saying that the striking resemblance in the ideologies and thinking led to these three players forming a military alliance against the Allied powers.


The combined attack of Japan and Germany on the Pearl Harbor of the United States of America on 1941 is the main event that talked about the strength of the Axis powers. However, towards the end of the Second World War, the Axis powers lost out on resources and this resulted in the miserable defeat of the alliance. Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler committed suicide and atom bombs were dropped on Japan in retaliation to the Pearl Harbor incident, thus, breaking the backbone of the Axis powers completely.


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