What Were the Causes of the French Revolution

The great French revolution took place in the year 1978. Since 1975 France was going through a bad economic phase. Yet it was in a much better state than the other European countries. The break of the French revolution brought about a complete turnover in the political and the social system of France. The main cause of the revolution cannot be specified as a single cause. There had been a series of causes that led to the French revolution. These causes can be broadly categorized as the social causes, the economic causes and the political causes.

The French society was divided into classes. The nobles and the clergy formed the first and the second estates in the society. The third estate was formed by the common people which consisted of the working class and the peasants. The third estate had been suppressed in the French society. The king ruled like a monarch and had no affiliation towards the third class. They had to do all the hard work. This annoyed the third class to a large extent.

The political reasons are closely related to the social reasons. Due to this division of the society the first and the second class citizens did not pay heavy taxes. The burden of the taxes mostly fell on the third estate. Irrespective of the economic conditions and the famines they were forced to pay heavy taxes.

The economic causes of the revolution were larger in number. The French government had been in debt which could not be recovered. When king Louis XVI could not control the expenses, the economy went into bankruptcy. As taxes were not collected properly from the first and second estate nobles there was a shortage of the revenue and none of the reforms of the French government worked at that time.

Besides these three reasons another important reason of the French revolution was the inspiration the French took from the Americans. The Americans had just then been successful in out throwing the British rule from their state. The writers and poets wrote such inspirational verses that inspired the French to revolt against their king and get the political system turned.

These causes had been working over a period of time. But there was an immediate cause that led to the revolt. When a few people started revolting in Paris against the financial reforms that were to be declared in the national assembly there were rumors that the king would turn his arms to Paris to attack them. This rumor caused an immediate outbreak and got millions of people on the streets which led to making of a history.