When Do Children Have all of Their Adult Teeth

Each human has a minimum of two set of teeth. The first set contains what are known as milk teeth. The second set is the set of adult teeth. The adult human set of teeth has a total of 32 teeth(Mainly 28, 4 teeth’s are wisdom tooth). These are the permanent teeth. The set of permanent teeth includes a total of eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars and total twelve molars. This set of 32 teeth includes the wisdom teeth or the third molars. These develop very late. In some people, they do not erupt naturally.

Baby teeth are very important in humans. They do not only allow a child to eat but also serve many other purposes. They perform an important part by holding the space that the permanent teeth will require to develop properly. This is the reason why it is important to have healthy and good teeth. During the time when permanent teeth have to come out, the roots of baby teeth start dissolving naturally. This makes the teeth to become loose and fall down eventually.

The first baby teeth to develop in an infant are the central incisor. Mostly the teeth at the front in the lower set of teeth develop first. These teeth are the ones that fall out first. The set of molar teeth develops late when the child turns around 7 years old. This happens when the mouth of the child expands. They emerge late therefore they fall out late in comparison to the incisors. The incisors fall out at around the age of six. These make way for permanent incisors which are the first teeth to develop in a child. After the first permanent teeth develops, other permanent teeth start to come up and the baby teeth start to fall out making space for new permanent teeth. This duration is the transition period for each child during which permanent teeth develop. Eventually, all child teeth fall out and all permanent teeth develop by the age of twelve or thirteen. This marks an end to the transition period. However, this excludes the wisdom teeth that develop between the ages of 17 to 23

The adult teeth first start to emerge in every child during the same age and almost every child gets all his adult teeth at nearly the same age. Most of the children develop all their permanent teeth by the age of thirteen. However, there may be some reasons that can lead to speeding up or hindrance in the growth of teeth in each child. Therefore, the age in which a child gets all his adult teeth may slightly vary for each child.