Which Presidents are Featured in Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a place near to South Dakota, Keystone. This place has sculpture carved using granite stone and is popular in the world with the name Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This memorial is often accounted as the reason or appreciation token for four of US presidents lying near Black hills. The popular presidents of America that have their sculptures over here at this place are Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt called Teddy. All these four presidents are actually trademark of development in America and they were chosen mark preservation, growth and foundation of country.

This entire design and implementation was accounted by skilled sculpture John Gutzon Borglum in the period from 1871 to 1941. The entire construction task was done by near about 400 workers in all these years to prepare the sculpture of all the four popular US presidents with beautiful carving and designing. Federal government along with contributions from certain efficient private institutions undertook the task of funding the memorial. The work started initially by blasting plenty of rocks and mountains with the help of dynamite to clear the land so that work of designing these structures can start and after that, all the workers were provided tools to finish the work. The work was affected by lack of money or funds along with bad weather so it took almost about 14 years in order to accomplish the entire project but in actuality the task accounted in six years.

The entire sculpture is spread over the area of 127845 acres and the height reaches to level of 5,275 feet in calculation with respect to sea level. People from all over the world come over here to view the large sculptures that represent the creators of American empire over the years. Each of these presidents has contributed towards development of America under their regime by implanting some important and typical decisions at crucial times. From starting, the number first is allotted to George Washington, as he was the person who has ignited the spirit of America by taking the command of Army for the first time.

The second president that was selected for the monument was Thomas Jefferson and the reason was his sense of achievement in Revolutionary War. The third place and number is allotted to Abraham Lincoln the most famous president in American history. The person who took brilliant decisions at the troubling times of civil war and final person on the list of sculpture is Theodore Roosevelt. This was among the most controversial decisions of all time. He accounted for development of popular system of National Park in America.

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