Who Invented the Computer

While talking about the inventor of computer we shall have to go deep into the history to search out who used the computing system for the first time as there were a number of persons involved in the invention of computer and its development to reach the present model of the device. The present computer, which we are using to store our data and organizing several other works, is a collection of various small device that are accumulated to make this complex structure of machinery. Each of these small parts are invented and developed individually, hence it not right to name a single person as inventor of computer.

As we go through the history of computers, we come across a number of persons who claim as the inventor of computers. Computer is termed as a computing device which is used to process a set of data according to a set of instructions provided to the machine. In this way the first name that appears to be the inventor of computer is Babylonians of 4th century BC who invented abacus, the first ever computing device. Since then computer is going through a journey of development in several stages till it reached to the recent shape. Adoption of Arabic numerals, invention of zero, invention of calculators in 17th century by Blaise Pascal and Wilhelm Schickard, creation of ‘Difference Machine’ by Charles Babbage in 19th century are some of the steps of development of computer since its first conception.

After the invention of electricity in 1940 a new spree of inventions started as Konard Zuse invented a calculator that can be programmed, Graham Bell invented telephone and transistor and so many other inventions took place which became the base of computer system of today. The name of John von Neumann can be taken in this direction as he gave an idea of storage of data through his Electronic Storage Delay Automatic Calculator, invented in 1949. it paved the path storage of data in the computer. Since then today’s computer had seen several developmental and technological changes that can not be credited to any one person’s account.

Many companies pioneered the way to develop modern computer like Intel, Xerox, Fairfield etc. in the decades of 60s and 70s. Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs are some of the quiet recent developers of personal computers, apples and other ultramodern computing devices that had enabled a man to hold the world in his palm. Still the development s are going on to invent ever new device in this direction that can facilitate a man to use it more sophisticatedly.

Conclusion: Thus, it is not possible to name one person as the inventor of computer as it is the fruit of continuous efforts of so many people which can not be ignored.