Who Invented the Refrigerator

Invention of refrigerator and refrigeration was done by different inventors. Refrigerator is a very common house hold appliance, which is used to keep eatables fresh for a longer period of time. Refrigeration coil was invented by a Muslim physicist and a chemist named Ibn Sina. William Cullen was the first person who demonstrated artificial refrigeration. But the father of refrigeration is claimed to be Oliver Evans the popular inventor of America. But it was Jacob Perkins who redesigned Oliver Evans model to make the world’s first refrigerator. After which there were many different types of models, which came into existence.

Different types of domestic refrigerators

There are many different types of refrigerators which are available these days. Some of them are as follows,

  • Acoustic refrigerators
  • Magnetic refrigerators
  • Thermal Mass refrigerators
  • Solar refrigerators
  • Gas / Oil refrigerators
  • Peltier refrigerators
  • Compressor refrigerators
  • Absorption refrigerators
  • Compressor refrigerators

Modern refrigerators are available in lots of range from 85 lt. to 600 lt. They are available in single door, double door as well as multi-door refrigerators. Modern refrigerators have freezers in-build in them and they have a separate compartment mostly at the top of the refrigerator.

Changing the way we eat

Refrigerators have changed the way we eat, drink and store, which in-turn has impacted a lot on the lifestyle of people who use refrigerators. Refrigerators give us the option to buy food in bulk; hence we save a lot of money as well as time, which we might have spent in commuting to and fro a store in order to buy eatables. There are many foods, which are imported from different countries in frozen containers; hence we get foreign products in fresh conditions, which we can eat and enjoy. And well how can one forget the favorite dessert the Ice cream, it is because of refrigerators one can eat ice cream as and when one likes without taking the pain to visit an ice cream parlor.

It helps us to preserve foods such as chicken, meat, dairy products, fish and vegetables for a longer period of time. Also there are many different styles of refrigerators available in the market some of them are French door style, Bottom freezer, Side by Side and traditional refrigerator. There are many manufactures who are going on adding different types of features in refrigerators and hence we can assume some really hi- tech refrigerators in the future.

From a simple coolant and a coil and various refrigeration techniques, to modern refrigerators; we have come a long way. Future refrigerators are expected to be eco friendly, less power consuming, and they will be equipped with lots of digital equipments such as temperature display and other digitally controlled features.