Who is General Lafayette

General Lafayette was a French aristocrat who is known for the notable contribution of his in American Revolution. His complete name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette. The very fact that he was given honorary US citizenship goes on to show the respect that he enjoyed in America. He is considered to be a close aide of George Washington and his portrait is found in the US House of Representatives.


He was born in an influential family and his interest to serve the country got him into the army at a young age. He got married at the age of 16 to Marie-Adrienne-Françoise de Noailles. After his significant contribution to the French army, the conditions in America interested him. He decided to help the Americans in their struggle against imperialism. In spite of all the hardships and warnings from the rulers of Spain, he continued his journey to America. In the year 1977, he landed in Carolina and set to work. It is at this point that he met George Washington and owing to the charismatic personality that Lafayette carried, he was commissioned as the Major General. It would be worth mentioning here that at this point in time, Lafayette was less than 20 years old.


Under the leadership of Lafayette, considerable success was achieved in the American Revolution. In the year 1779, he returned to France, where he was detained for a week in Paris since he breached some rules by sailing against the will of the administrative machinery. However, he was then sent back to Versailles with due respect. The youth of France considered him to be the role model and took inspiration from the great work he did as a young commander of the forces in America. It would not be an exaggeration in terming him as one of the greatest heroes of the American Revolution.


In the later stage of his life, he had to face embarrassment as he got imprisoned in Austria. It was five long years before he was set free. It was at this period in time that his wife too got arrested in Paris. In the year 1830, he again assumed power as the Commander in Chief of the forces in Paris. The role he played in strengthening the relationship between America and France is worth mentioning. When Lafayette expired in the year 1834, the amount of love and respect he received in France and America talks about the influence he had on the life of people.

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