Why are Ladybugs Lucky  

Since many centuries, there are millions of people who have faith in superstitions, myths, omen and luck-both good and bad ones. Most of these superstitions are associated with people’s ignorance, imagination and sometimes with coincidence of incidents. Superstitions concerned with good luck are very common in most of the people. You cannot deny this at all. Everybody has some or the other belief about good luck and they vary between various cultures, countries and its people. One of such good luck belief is the Lady Bug or otherwise known as “lady beetle” or “lady bird”.

The superstitions relating to the good luck that Lady Bug brings exist in many countries and culture. Probably it should be the only bug or insect, one would happily welcome inside the yard or house. At the first place let’s understand the fact that aroused this belief. Lady bug is supposed to protect a farm or a garden by eating away all the harmful pests that could possibly destroy the plants. Hence by having lady bugs in their farm, people can grow better crops yielding better profits which has turned out to be a good luck. Gardeners and farmers might always look for lady bugs to help out in their plantations. Now let’s also see the other versions of considering these little bright insects as good luck. In fact there are many interesting ones which have already made you scroll down quickly to read through.

      The most popular belief about lady bug is that, they are referred to Virgin Mary, since during the times of severe crop destructions by harmful pests, the farmers prayed together to Mother Mary after which ladybugs arrived to eat all the harmful pests and saved the crops. Thus these beetles gained their name as lady bugs.

      It is believed among few that one can expect his or her true love to come from the direction, the lady bug has flown away after it has landed and crawled on the hands. Wow doesn’t that sound amazing?

  • The number of spots on a lady bug indicates the number of babies the woman shall have, on whom the beetle has landed.
  • The spots on the ladybug also have another different significance. When the ladybug with less than seven spots lands in the farm, it is an indication of a bumper harvest and when the spots are more than seven, it could be an indication of shortage or famine.
  • A lady bug crawling on a young girl’s hand signals of her wedding time getting closer.
  • Lady bugs in certain places are a forecaster for good weather.
  • Look at this interesting one. A lady bird which arrives on a Sunday and stays on your hands for at least a count of twenty two is sure to bring good luck.
  • Even a sick man’s illness could be taken away by ladybugs landing on his hand.

All of them were interesting. Isn’t it? Superstitions become faith for few who don’t get into their depth to research. However there are few who ignore the same and stick to proved logic and science. Thus it is one’s personal choice to find small happiness in good luck or to just keep going with practical sense.

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