Why are Movie Tickets So Expensive

Inflation is ruling high. It is not the case of any particular city or country but high inflation is now a ubiquitous phenomenon. Cost or every commodity and service is increasing in a rapid manner than it was ever. However, some costs of commodities and services are increasing more than the rest. The movie tickets are falling under this category. The cost of movies tickets are increasing in an astronomical rate. What is the reason for this?

Several reasons are behind the sky high cost of movie tickets. Let us discuss one by one. People now have more money now, and then they were ever. They don’t only have the money, but they also have an urge to spend. People are now setting aside a fund for the entertainment at the time of making monthly budget, which was not there one decade before. In fact, the demand for the movie tickets has been increased, across the globe. According to the law of the Economics, when demand for a certain product or service increases, the cost of that product or service goes in northward direction. This is what happened with the movie tickets. Now, buyers are competing within themselves to buy movie ticket and the sellers are taking the illegal advantage of this situation by hiking the price of the movie tickets.

The input or the production cost of the movies has been increased substantially. Producers have to spend huge amount of money to release a film successfully. Directors, actors and technicians are now charging more for their effort, than they were ever. In fact, famous actors are now charging in multiples of millions. At the same time, now a  of modern techniques are getting used to make a film and those technologies are certainly coming at a huge cost. Directors are now moving around the world along with the team to get best location for a movie and this is also adding a substantial amount to the budget of the movie. Overall speaking, the cost of production of a movie has been multifold and the producers have to earn the extra amounts of money spent. They are selling the movies to the distributors at a premium cost, and viewers, who are at the bottom of the pyramid, have to pay the extra cost, at last.

The color, contour and texture of the movie theaters or multiplexes have improved quite a lot in last few years. Theater owners have spent money heavily to improve the all round quality of their theaters and they have to get the return for the money they have spent. This is why, they are charging more money from the viewers. Sum of all these factors are responsible for the rapid rising cost of movie tickets.  

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