Why Do I Get a Dry Mouth At Night

Dry mouth is a very common problem seen in people of all age groups. There are various reasons as to why these kinds of problems are seen in a person. The main reason for occurrence of dry mouth at night is said to be dehydration that occurs in the person. In some people, the dryness increases to such an extent that the inner sides of the mouth and the lips get sticky causing great discomfort in the person. Such situations are seen more commonly in people suffering from various infections and in older people as compared to younger sections of the society.

It is a known fact that the saliva is the main component that ensures that the moistness in the mouth is maintained always. It is to be noted here that when a person sleeps, the production of saliva is lesser than it is during the day. The process of breathing through the mouth worsens the situation as the mouth tends to get dry. Studies show that this is one of the main factors as to why dry mouth is seen in people. Dryness in the mouth can disrupt sleep too, as the person wakes up due to the discomfort that this state causes.

The other factors that lead to dryness in the mouth at night are as mentioned below. In people who smoke and drink heavily, the production of saliva falls below normal leading to numerous problems. The production of saliva diminishes with the age of a person too, thereby, making issues of dry mouth at night common in older people. Some ailments like diabetes anemia too greatly reduce the levels of saliva in the person leading to problems with dryness in the mouth. In drug addicts too, the chances of these kinds of problems being seen are very high.

Dry mouth if not treated in the right manner in the initial stages can lead to soreness in the throat and other related problems. The only cure to get rid of the dryness in the mouth is to bring about changes in certain habits and lifestyle. However, one can make use of humidifiers to ensure that the moisture content in his mouth is maintained to avoid discomfort. Intake of good amounts of water too helps in reducing the problems caused by dry mouth. In young kids who show symptoms of dryness in mouth, the reason can be some unknown fear that works at the back of their mind and influences their thought process subconsciously. In such cases, it is a must that the parents have their kid treated by a psychologist to find solutions to this condition of the kid.