Why Do Men Have Nipples

There is certain “why” questions which might not have a proper answer. Why do men have nipples is also a question like that. There may be certain factors involved in the making of the human fetus. These factors are historical, generic and sometimes by chance. Each time a baby is born it inherits certain traits from both the mother and the father. In fact all the traits are inherited.

Nipples are a feature that includes the mammary glands. This is a gland that is present in the females to feed the baby. It has the capacity to produce milk to feed the baby. This gland is also present in the men. They have the mammary glands by birth in them. But they are very tiny and not as big as the females.

Certain people believe that the nipples should not be present in the male body. But because this happens it can be explained in the terms of a genetic correlation that exists between the selection of glands in the males and the females. It is said that it is against accepting the selection of the gland for the male is higher than the chance of avoiding the gland.

When a fetus is born it is done so by the combination of chromosomes of the male and the female. Depending on the X or the Y chromosome of the male that attaches with the X chromosome of the female will determine the sex of the baby. Before the sex of the baby is determined there are certain glands that are left over. The nipples are one of those glands.

There are other facts related to the men having nipples. These are that during puberty some men can have grow breasts also that are enlarged. This is an abnormality in the men. This can be treated surgically. It is not a common disease but can happen at the time of puberty. Men also have a chance of getting a breast cancer. In fact the growth of the cancer in the male develops and grows faster than in the females. The male glands also have the capability to produce milk.

It can be concluded by saying that the men have nipples because when the baby is conceived it is gender neutral. That is the time these glands are formed. It stays back after the sex of the baby is determined. When a baby is born the glands and the organs that they have are similar but may function differently. This shows that every female organ or part will have a similar male counterpart. This proves the existence of nipples in males.