Why Do People Clap at the End of a Performance

Have you ever seen any live show? If you have ever done that then you may have clapped your hands at the time of the end of the show. If you haven’t clapped, then you should have seen people clapping. When people get pleased with the performer, then show their gratitude to the performer by clapping their hands. It is a very common practice. You can say it is a cult. If you are impressed with the performance of the performer then you have to give adieu to the performer by clapping your hands.

Clapping at the end of a performance is a common practice and this practice is not restricted to any particular group of people or to any particular country. People irrespective of their age, sex, religion and location do this practice. If you are sitting in the crowd in a live show and you are impressed by the performer, then how can you show your feelings to the performer? You can do that by clapping at the end of the performance.

People not only clap at the end of the shows, which are impressive. In fact, people also clap at the end of a show, which is not at all impressive or up to the excitation. Why this? It may be true that the performance is not up to the mark, but the performer certainly has put a lot of effort; so he or she also deserves clap at the end of the performance. However, the clapping is loud, when the performance is good and the clapping is dim, in case of a shoddy performance. The performer judges whether audiences like his or her performance by the loudness of the clap.

In case of a liver performance, people not only clap at the end of the show. In fact, they clap, when the show is still going on. However, the meaning of the clap in the mid of the show is completely different from the clap, at the end of the show.  As described before, people show their thankfulness, applause or good bye the performer by clapping at the end of the show. When they clap between the show, it is meant to encourage the performer to do better and better.

When the performance is a monumental one, people clap standing up from their seats. This is called as a standing ovation. Standing ovation is the last thing a performer can expect from the crowd. However, not all performers get this type of ovation. A person would not stand up and clap at a performer, in each and every case. If you enter into a show late and you notice that the crowd is giving the performer a standing ovation, then you can conclude that the performance was exceptional.



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