Why do People Cry

People cry for many reasons. Some of them cry when they are happy. Some of them cry when they are sad and some of them cry for no reason like when you are cutting an onion, your eyes produce tears just to lubricate your eyes. Among the most common reasons for crying is sadness, happiness, frustration etc. There are three types of tears: basal, reflex and emotional.

Basal tears: basal tears are primary tears which are produced by our eyes only to keep them lubricated. These are released regularly and keep the eyes clean. These form a thin film with every blink of the eye. Reflex tears: reflex tears are those tears which come out of the eyes when you chop onions or some dust particle enters into the eye and causes irritation. Onion contains certain kind of acid which when get mixed with eyes, causes eyes to form reflex tears. Emotional tears: these tears are produced when a person is sad, happy, frustrated or we can say that whenever he wants to express some kind of emotion then these tears can be produced by eyes. If a person feels some kind of pain like if he falls or he gets any injury, eyes produce emotional tears.

Crying is a natural phenomenon. Everyone in this world cries for one reason or the other. It is said that women cries more than men. It is true. It is because women have more prolactin than men. But each and every person in this world must have cried for some reason even the toughest guy. Crying is also a signal of pain. When babies cry, we come to know that he has some problem or he needs something or we can say that for infants and babies it is the way of communication. Crying is sometimes healthy. When you feel extreme pain or you are in the grip of some extreme emotion, after crying you will find yourself calm and relaxed. People also cry after watching an emotional movie, after getting something which was unexpected and for many other reasons. Usually a woman cries more frequently as his crying is socially acceptable. There is not an exact or a single answer as to why do people cry. There are thousands of reasons. On the whole, we can say that crying is beneficial to health and it also reduces tension and stress at times when you feel emotionally disturbed.

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