Why Do People Do Drugs

There are many reasons for doing drugs such as curiosity, exploration of something new, avert boredom, escape from something, and to get high. However, drug use starts as a calculated risk but its temptation catches up and we end up in an oblivion regretting our decision.

Every human civilization had their own form of stimulant or sedative to relax their senses but everything changed when the counterculture arrived in the 60s. The very definition of drug was questioned and everyone saw what drugs can do. It starts with the so called hip word “high” and with the sensation to see the other side of reality. Drugs sounds like a fantasy offering unimaginable pleasure but soon you will woke up on the dark side. Innumerable casualties during the counterculture asked a lot of questions such as why do we need drugs?

The legend and the hoax

During the counterculture scene, a lot of rock stars and musicians were involved in the drug culture. These musicians used drugs for recreational use and promoted the acid culture and hippie culture. Their lyrics and psychedelic music took this culture to a new level. However, the later half of the counterculture was marred with the death of some famous musicians and the reason was drugs. Rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin were renowned for their drug infused lifestyle. The latter three are renowned causalities of drug overdose.  

Drugs can slow your senses or it can speeds things up for you. It depends on the intake quantity. Lower intake speeds our nervous system while higher intake slows our nervous system. This feature of drugs looks alluring in the initial stages. With time, the intake rises and people end up abusing drug. So, the use of drugs to enhance your perception is a hoax and depends on the psychology of a human. 

Get high and explore the unknown

The notion of “Getting high on drugs” is still trendy. It is the curiosity which drives every young man or woman. Stimulator such as alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs are still used in rave parties. People use them to get high or to lose their consciousness. This usually help them to get rid of unwanted pressure and stress but regret the aftermath of getting high.   

The curiosity to explore the unknown is another reason for the use of drugs. Young people are always ready to  push the limit in search of something new and end up abusing drugs.  The temptation to experiment something new is another reason for doing drugs.

Escape from the world

This is one of the major reasons behind drug abuse. A lot of teenagers who do drugs think that they do not fit in their society or they have faced some harsh realities. In order to avoid pain they end up abusing drugs and ruin their life.

Relaxation and other reasons

Statistics show that a lot of people do drugs in order to relax their senses or obviate boredom.