Why do People Faint

For a person to be in full consciousness constant blood supply to the brain should be provided, if for any reason this is irrupted the person may lose consciousness. The symptoms of fainting may include decreased blood flow to the brain which can occur due to the failure of heart to pump blood, blood vessels don’t have enough tendencies to maintain a particular blood pressure to distribute the blood to the brain and there is insufficient blood in the body. Many a times change in heart beat can cause a person to faint. A cardiac arrest may also result in a person losing consciousness, but this is very dangerous as the person may die due to the cardiac arrest.

Vasovagal syncope is one of the main reasons of fainting. This occurs when the balance between the chemicals acetylcholine and adrenaline disturbed causing fainting. Anemia can cause fainting because the low red blood cells are not able to deliver oxygen to the brain. Acetylcholine can make a person faint because of the lack of water in his body. Narrowing of arteries as well as blood vessels can result in a person fainting. In many people Electrolyte imbalance can cause fainting due to imbalance of the hormones in the body. Several medications have adverse side effects, which may result in fainting.

There are many symptoms of syncope. A person may feel lightheaded, sweaty and weak, Dizziness and feeling of vertigo, fading of vision and blurriness Body, experiencing tingling sensation. After one experiencing fainting they might quickly regain consciousness depending on the cause of fainting. It is hard it diagnose syncope as one will not always faint while being diagnosed. Therefore self diagnosis is the best remedy. You should check out for uneasiness and weakness. Tests like heart rhythm rate and blood pressure should be done. Early diagnostic tests should include an electrocardiogram, screening blood tests like a complete blood count and kidney function, electrolytes and glucose tests. The best sensible treatment for fainting is to try and call 911 as soon as possible or try to ask for help around you.  

If a person has stopped breathing CPR should be administered to save his life. In case of dehydration try to intake some fluid as soon as possible. Many young athletes have lost their life due to sudden hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Whenever you are feeling uneasy try to ask for help from near ones. Fainting can also be an early sign of something very grave like a life threatening disease. Although syncope can be handled easily many people lose their life in this process, so don’t take this thing very lightly and if you experience fainting you should seek help or try out various tests to find out the underlying problem. Always keep yourself calm and do not panic, try to notify someone near as soon as possible.         


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