Why do We Shiver

Shivering mechanism is just opposite to the sweating mechanism of the body. It is an automatic reaction to certain situation as sweating is. It is a homeostatic function which maintains the balance of breathing rates, blood pressure, heart rate and weight control of the body by keeping the temperature of the body constant. Shivering is automatic process or mechanism done by our nervous system to maintain the temperature of the body. Our body tries to maintain our body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If the body temperature is below this, then it can cause shivering and if it is above this then also it can result in shivering of the body. During the process of sweating, our body produces moisture and during shivering our body produces and tries to conserve heat.

While shivering, our muscles contract and expand quickly and your teeth also start chattering because of tightening of the jaw. Other than cold, you can also shiver if you are excited, anxious or afraid. Our brains senses out if the temperature of our body falls drops to a certain level and responses automatically and that is how our body starts shivering. If the temperature of the body drops to a dangerous level then that state is called hypothermia. In this state, the muscles of our body come into action and start expanding and contracting very quickly. It produces more heat in order to keep you extra warm and provide extra warmth to your body organs too.

This will use lot of energy but will take you out of the state of hypothermia. It can also be caused due to fever. When you suffer with fever, your body temperature goes up. The brain senses this out and triggers the muscles into action, causing them to expand and contract quickly and causes us to shiver. Sometimes shivering can also be a sign of some serious disease. If shivering is due to cold, then you can wear woolen clothes like jackets or pullovers to keep you body warm. Whenever you feel shivering of your body then you should try to go to a warmer place. Shivering can be caused even if we are dressed up in warm clothes. In some cases, shivering can be caused due to anesthesia because it does affect the body temperature. Sometimes shivering of body can be life threatening if it is due to some abnormal or serious causes. So seeking medical advice would be the best option then.

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