Why Does My Skin Peel After a Sunburn

Sunburn causes peeling of skin. It is an inevitable natural process that happens following sunburn.  The outer skin can be set to be slightly cooked when it is subjected to sunburn. This results in the death of cells on the outer skin and they get removed by the process of peeling. The dead skin gets shredded off, so that the tender new skin underneath it can become visible and function as an active outer skin. You do not look nice when the peeling is taking place but is should not be forgotten that skin peeling is important for the process of healing of the skin.

This feeling of unpleasantness during peeling and the peeling can slightly be reduced in different ways. During sunburn the portion of the skin affected by it gets blisters and also redness. The skin cells are also destroyed and skin’s upper layer gets severely damaged. After the sunburn has taken place, the skin with the dead cell remains on the body till the new cell below are made ready to rake over functions of the outer skin.

The new cells are very delicate and fragile and have to be protected before they can be brought to the surface and the sunburn skin does this function by remaining on the skin for a few days after the sunburn. During the time this happens the moisture on the skin gradually gets reduced till the skin becomes completely dry. That signals the time for the skin to peel off and also is the indication that the new cells have been got ready to undertake the functions of the outer skin.

The outer skin at this stage gets flaked and then starts getting peeled and shredded from the body revealing the inner skin. The new cells that are coming out will have to be very well protected from the sun because at that stage of their growth they are very susceptible to severe damage if exposed to sun. Avoiding the peeling of skin is the best done by taking preventive measures against the sunburn.

Creams and oils are available for applying on the skin before exposure to sun. People who have got sunburn are advised to wash the parts with soap and lukewarm water and pat it dry. Moisturizer will help in preventing dryness of skin. Fresh air will also be of great help but what is important is that the dead skin has to go in a natural manner. Parts of the body that get exposed to the sun can also be covered by protective clothing.

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