Why is Cashmere So Expensive

Wool has been the primary means of keeping man warm from the earliest days of history that we have record of. Over the time period man has experimented with various kinds of wools and hair gathered from different species of animals.

There are various properties of wool that go into making it most suitable for making into a sweater of a shawl or a scarf, basically anything to wear. The most important properties are is how warm it is, its weight, its fineness or coarseness vs its suppleness. There is one type of wool which has remained a favorite of manufacturers and buyers is the cashmere wool. The word cashmere may have come from the original name of Kashmir. The perception is that the word cashmere is used for fiber that primarily comes from a particular species of goat. The scientific name for the species would be capra hircus.

Now what makes this fiber so expensive? The primary reasons as mentioned above are the adaptability due to its suppleness. The fiber for making yarn is obtained from the neck region of the goat. The first point at which the costs go high is the fact that the shedding of hair takes place once a year which leads to a low production of quality fiber. Second point is the process involved in removing the coarse hair from the produce if the its cut from the goat. IF it is removed using the combing method it requires dexterity and expertise in removal and the experts tend to charge more money than shredders. Third stage is when it is died and made ready to be turned in to the finished clothing. The other popular name of the wool is pashmina. This is typically hand spun yarn and finally made on handloom. This is another point at which the cost of the cashmere wool products shoots up. The demand for its exquisite work and end product which gives warmth while still being light shot up across the world. This further added to the costs of the cashmere wool. Then there is a chain of people between the real manufacturers and the end user with increase in price of the finished product on every stage. This has also been a big influence on the rising prices of the cashmere wool. With the increase in Chinese production and production of the cashmere wool in different countries the prices have stabilized and are not expected to shoot up in the coming times.

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